2022 Anniversary Sale

Take advantage of our Anniversary Sale in the month of May!


  • Buy 5 or more hats in an order to get a CAD$25 Gift Card.
  • Gift card can be used on the next order with 2 or more hats.
  • We mail out the gift card code with your order. Code cannot be re-issued if lost.
  • Limited time promotion.


  • Gift card cannot be used on another order of 5+ scrub hats to get another gift card.
  • Each customer may receive one gift card only.
  • The use of gift card cannot be combined with other promotions.
  • One time use only.
  • You may transfer this gift card to another person.
  • Only one gift card can be used on the next order.
  • Gift card is valid only on mimiscrubhats.com (not Etsy).

MimiScrubHats reserves the right to cancel the order if it does not comply with the above conditions.